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PB Sport, the leader in Sport and Commercial PVC Flooring company in Thailand. We provide a full range of the highest quality PVC Floor, consultation and installation service for indoor sport of all kind. Such as Badminton floor, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal, Yoga, Gymnasium and Fitness. As well as providing the varieties of Commercial Flooring for all purpose such as office building, hospital, healthcare, school, home&condo, theater etc.

We have a policy of focusing on deliver the highest quality sport floor product as well as best before and after sales service. All PB Sport products are certified by the world’s trusted organizations such as Badminton World Federation (BWF), Badminton Association of China (CBA). Badminton Association of Thailand

About us พื้นสนามแบด,พื้นกีฬา,พื้นยาง,พื้นยางแบดมินตัน ราคา


PB Sport is a sole company that Badminton Flooring products are certified by the Badminton Association of Thailand and also World Badminton Federation (BWF).
About us พื้นสนามแบด,พื้นกีฬา,พื้นยาง,พื้นยางแบดมินตัน ราคา
About us พื้นสนามแบด,พื้นกีฬา,พื้นยาง,พื้นยางแบดมินตัน ราคา
About us พื้นสนามแบด,พื้นกีฬา,พื้นยาง,พื้นยางแบดมินตัน ราคา
About us พื้นสนามแบด,พื้นกีฬา,พื้นยาง,พื้นยางแบดมินตัน ราคา

World-class Standard

What's the different between PB Sport and others?

All of our product range is manufactured by a world class factory which accredited by world manufacturing standards, certified by various agencies around the world. Also with advanced production technology, also eco friendly. Our production and quality control team works intensively on checking the quality of every product lot and every process before it delivered to client’s hands. We offer long term product warranty and guarantee to replacing non-standard products immediately.
We thoroughly design every single details of our flooring product such as surface, thickness, softness, wear layer, under-layer etc. that will suit each kind of sport player’s movement and usage. Focus on safety as well as the ultimate happiness of the users. Importantly, offer varieties of floor series that will suited the budget of buyers.
Because we understand, we are committed to deliver fastest available products and services to you. We can be the fastest that’s because we have a professional client support team, service team nationwide and wide range of product always in stock.
We focus on sincerity. You can be assured that you will receive the best value products and services. Due to our team has particular skills and experiences in sports business. With more than 300 projects across Thailand and Asia, we can provide you with accurate sports matter or business matter advice. We promise not to careless or omit any of your request. We are the only company dares to offer a lifetime warranty on our installation quality. (We have no history of abandon any site or lawsuit against any buyer.)
We are the only company in the world that has been certified for product quality by the Badminton Association of Thailand, not just that we are also certified by the World Badminton Federation (BWF).

Client Testimonial

About us พื้นสนามแบด,พื้นกีฬา,พื้นยาง,พื้นยางแบดมินตัน ราคา

PB Sport team always impressed me. From my long experience in badminton tournaments around the world such as World badminton super series, Olympic Games or in Thailand's competitions, PB Sport flooring product was used in many competition. They has the highest quality product, the safety first attitude, the best service and support team as well as always keep the same standard in every competition.

Miss Jittirat Tanuakkarapat
BWF umpire, London Olympic 2012.
About us พื้นสนามแบด,พื้นกีฬา,พื้นยาง,พื้นยางแบดมินตัน ราคา

Our T-Thailand academy and military sport club, Army Sport Club (Vibhavadi), all use Badminton flooring product from PB Sport. Our ideal is to choose the best available badminton floor and equipment, which PB Sport has never disappointed us. The sole company that pass The Badminton Association of Thailand. And the service team is admired in all military community. On personal note, as an ex-badminton player, I feel safe and happy playing on this specific type of PVC flooring. Currently Badminton Sport is very popular in Thailand, we thank you PB Sport for keep pushing the high standard of Thailand's Badminton business.

Mister Anuphap Teeraratsakul
Former Thailand Badminton Player
About us พื้นสนามแบด,พื้นกีฬา,พื้นยาง,พื้นยางแบดมินตัน ราคา

PB Sport team has never disappointed us and the kids at Kids Zone. From the first time we contact for sport flooring area preparing, product inquiry, until preparing the site, they provided great details of information. Their sincerity is the most important aspect that I trust to buy the badminton floor from PB Sport. Since then it was more than 8-9 years, when we have problems or any need to repair, their fast approach is a heart winning matter.

Prof. Jib Burapaphat
Head master of Wanalux Kindergarten School
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Because in the past, I have bad experiences and load of problems with the company that sold us former used badminton floor. Always ignore when we need repair or fixing, abandon us and take no responsibility for us. But different with PB Sport. From the moment I decided to contact them the want to replace the floor. PB Sport team assure us with their fast service, good knowledge of badminton floor, a good deal for business matter and well plan on working schedule. Their products and services are impressive with high standard. The customers are happy to have a better new floor.

Mr. Yuth
Ratchavibha Badminton Owner
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In 2011, after several floods. Our Badminton house was heavily damaged. We have decent problems so we contacted PB Sport in order to renovate the all area badminton club. PB Sport was very cooperative, from repairing advise, preparing the area before installation including lighting and Badminton flooring. We were so happy with the product and especially the helpful service. So in this year 2018 when they contact to offer us a special ex-customer product deal, we don't hesitate to order the new high quality floor to replace an aging ones.

Mr Keng and Mr Nueng
Loei Badminton Club committee. Phetchabun