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2. Lifetime warranty installation and connector quality, free maintenance service.  
3. Intensive floor production control, long and flexible product warranty of all products.
4. Fast and responsible before and after sales service for all over Asia.
5. Advise on area preparing, revamp and recondition before installing flooring products.
6. Consultancy on sport club construction design and management successful project.
7. Service provided by a team with more than 10 years experience in business.
8. We use recent technology equipment, the most appropriate installation and repairing technique.
9. We offer rental service for all purpose indoor sport event.
10. One stop badminton solution. We offer full range of badminton equipment for ready to open project.
11. OEM and custom manufacturing service of sport floor for individual branding.


One-stop Sport Flooring Solution

Fastest service

From support information, submit quotation, appointment, installation, repair and maintenance service. Less than 15 day guarantee!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our product and service is satisfaction guaranteed. Refund and upgrade available!

2nd hand trading welcome

We offer buy-sell-rent good quality 2nd hand PVC flooring product.

One Stop Badminton Site Solution

From advise on project design, site preparation, flooring, lighting position, line painting, equipment installation, molding and cornice to sport club management.

Rental service

Floor rental service for all purpose sport event, short term and long term.

OEM and Custom product

OEM and custom manufacturing service of sport floor for individual branding.

Product and Service Warranty

Only brand that offer lifetime installation and joint quality warranty, free maintenance service for all over Thailand. Long term and flexible product warranty.

Repair service

Repair service to fix your used whichever PVC floor brand for all over Thailand and Asia to get back to the best available condition.



Badminton floor from PBS Sport is a Thai brand with world-class quality. From my long experience of serving badminton tournaments around the world. Or by sporting events such as badminton, Olympic Games. Badminton, badminton, badminton, badminton, badminton, sports such as hailand Professional Badminton Championship, SCG Open (Round of Round), Pui Champion Program (In Trang province) BTS Senanikom, etc., is the same standard in the global competition. The same is true for the Olympics, which is the most important issue of quality. Material Safety Ground pitches per player.

คุณจิตติรัตน์ ฐานุอัครพัฒน์
กรรมการผู้ตัดสินระดับโลก ในกีฬาลอนดอนโอลิมปิค 2012

Currently badminton It is very popular in Thailand. Our Army Club (Vibhavadi) badminton court open for personnel and guest has been improved to all areas. We use the best available badminton courts equipment from PB Sport such as floor and pole-netting because they are certified by The Badminton Association of Thailand. This company is admired in the military. So many things that make our agency trust. To work with PB Sport is a professional in sports. Badminton I am an athlete after a man. We are confident that our agency is not wrong.

ร้อยตรีอนุภาพ ธีระรัตน์สกุล
Former Thai national badminton player

Badminton Floor from PB Sport meet standard quality. All members have fun after changing the new badminton floor. High quality floor helps reducing accidents from playing and make multiple adults in Phuket back to play more badminton. It helps to reduce the problem of knee better as well.

Khun Preecha
Badminton Club, Bangmao, Phuket

I decided to use PB Sport's Badminton equipment after the course get old. I chose PB Sport with confidence because in the past, I have problems with seller who always do not take responsibility and bring a lot of problems to us. Different to PB Sport, their products are high quality and meet world-class standard. The customers are happy to have a good field to play. I also like a team of professional from PB Sport. They can help and consult to all problem, because the team is a sportsman as well.

Khun Yut
Owner of Badminton Stadium, Ratchavipha (8 pitches)

After several floods, Badminton Stadium Lomsak We have a decent condition. We have contacted PB Sport to improve our badminton field. PB Sport is very cooperative and gave us suggestion about field layout, interior, lighting and Floor, Now we come back and bustling again.

Khun Keng and Khun Nuen
Board of Badminton Club Lomsak, Petchaboon

PB Sport never let me and kids at Kids Zone down. Since the start to contact for product inquiry. They sincerely provided all information to me. I trust to buy the badminton product from PB Sport. The most important for me as a customers is after-sale service. Their sale team always support us to all problems such as maintenance, or even business management when we want to have outside customers rent out the gym. They always have good consulting to me.

Teacher Jib -Burapapat
Director of Wanarak Kindergarten School