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Our Services

Best Service from Us

1. Thailand’s no.1 company in Badminton Floor, Sepak Takraw, Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal, Fitness, Yoga, Gymnasium and all purpose indoor Sport Floor.
2. Lifetime warranty installation and connector quality, free maintenance service.  
3. Intensive floor production control, long and flexible product warranty of all products.
4. Fast and responsible before&after sales service.
5. Advise on area preparing, revamp and recondition before installing flooring products.
6. Consultancy on sport club construction design, management of indoor sport club project.
7. Service provided by a team with more than 10 years experience in business.
8. We use recent technology equipment, the most appropriate installation and repairing technique.
9. Rental service for all purpose indoor sport floor.
10. One stop badminton solution. We offer full range of badminton equipment for ready to open project.
11. OEM and custom manufacturing service of sport floor for individual branding.

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Our Product

World-class Quality

1. PB Sport is the only company in Thailand accredited by the Badminton Association of Thailand and also received the BWF certification.
2. The pattern and softness of each sport floor series is well-designed to best support the impact on the player’s joints and body.
3. The pattern and softness of floor series intensively designed for player’s safest movement such as jumping, diving, accidentally falling. etc.
4. We use durable high quality material in every layer for long lasting life product.
5. ฺPB Sport products resistant to high humidity and heat in Thailand. Sound absorbs, Fire proof and Waterproof in all product range.
6. PB Sport products is Eco friendly, reusable, manufactured with no hazardous waste that affects the user’s health and environment.
7. The product has been thoroughly quality checked. From production stage, rolling, packing, until delivered to client’s site in best condition.
8. Easy clean and low maintenance cost.

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For more than 300 projects trusted by leading organizations in Asia.
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