Private Badminton Court at Bangbon BKK

Best flooring for your most enjoying time!

Project details

  • Client Name:Private Badminton Court at Bangbon, Bangkok.
  • Location:Bangbon Soi 3, Bangkaenue, Bangkok.
  • Installation Details:Individual Permanent 2 court of PB-T445 (PB Tournament Flooring).
Newest Private Badminton Court at Bangbon area. Mr.Sirichai, the customer who falling in love with Badminton sport choosed PB Sport PVC Flooring, series PB-T445 (PB Thailand National Flooring) on his 300 sq.m. private space. This flooring serie, represented by PB Sport has one of the best quality in market. So you can firmly believe that this badminton court will be one of the best, this free time playing badminton will surely bring happiness and healthy for Mr.Sirichai and friends.

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